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Showrooms provide customers with an online walkthrough of the products and services you supply, incorporating additional in-depth information and pictures about individual items.

Below is an example of a showroom that we have created for RKB Furniture Ltd.

This is where the internet comes into its own, and the advantages of this Virtual Showroom over a real-time showroom are considerable:-

  • Visitors can come from all over the world
  • 4,000 sq ft of floorspace can be shrunk to the size of the computer screen
  • Reduced work for sales personnel
  • Visitors can be directed to where you would like them to go first
  • Customers can browse and find what they are looking for without fuss
  • Special offers can be highlighted on every webpage
  • Customers can be directed to the point of sale
  • It is very cheap and easy to maintain contact with an opt-in email system

For all of the above to apply, you will need a well thought out web site structure, so contact or telephone us on  0845 644 8231



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